Karrins twins Charlee & Cooper enjoying their 1st Birthday Cake

We have said goodbye to many mums and babies over the past few months. As you know when a Bellybuttons baby turns ONE they must move on and leave Bellybuttons. It also means we get to eat birthday cake!

All of these babies have celebrated their first birthday - Nate, Mayse, Bailey, Joseph, Brayden, Charlee & Cooper. So farewell and love to them all and their mummies, Ashleigh, Carlie, Carleen, Monique, Michelle and Karrin.


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  1. Hi Ladies
    I just thought i would let you know, being that there are a couple of scrapbookers amoungst you that there is a local lady that has started up a kit club and they are really awesome kits!!
    Here is a link to her blog: http://scrappinbridge.blogspot.com/
    and the site is kit club is called The Polka Dot Place and here is the link: http://www.thepolkadotplace.com.au/
    There is only 1 kit left from this month but she will be bringing them out each month with some awesome home made bits and pieces in them too.....