Domestic & Family Violence

Today at bellybuttons we had a talk about Domestic and Family Violence.

What is Domestic and Family Violence?
Domestic and family violence occurs when one person in a relationship uses tactics to try and gain control and paower over another person.
Violent behaviours include:
Physical abuse
Emotional abuse
Verbal abuse
Sexual abuse
Social abuse
Financial abuse
Spiritual abuse
Damaging property to frighten you
Threatening to hurt you or someone or something you care about
Depriving you of necessities of life
Stalking and intimidation
Any actions or behaviours that try to control you

If you are need too talk to someone about domestic violence there are many services that can help
Gunnedah Family Support 67421515
Tamworth Womens Refuge (24/7)1800 073 388
Domestic Violence Line 1800 656 463

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